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We Proudly Support the Hydroseed Industry


International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals

The International Association of HydroSeeding Professionals was formed in 2004 to unify and assist the Hydroseeding industry. Over these few years, the membership of the IAHP has grown from a handful to hundreds of members worldwide that often describe the IAHP as the best business investment they have ever made.

Our goal is to promote Hydroseeding, to provide a place for Hydroseeders to learn from each other and industry experts, to increase public awareness of our industry, and to help those in the Hydroseeding industry to promote their services and improve their profitability.

 Turf Blaster's Founder/CEO (Doug Holmgren), has been a member of the IAHP since 2004, served as Treasurer in 2012, Vice President in 2013, and currently serves as President.

How to grow grass... You can hydroseed almost any grass seed with a hydroseeder. Hydroseed cost about 35-75% less than sod, and requires about 75% less watering to establish. A quality hydroseed contractor, can show you how to grow grass without chemical fertilizer. "Grow Green",  our organic fertilizer can be blended with the hydro-mulch mixture, representing the most effective and economical biological approach to turf establishment.

 Turf Blasters, Inc. is a proud IAHP member in the following states:

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California
Colorado Conn. Delaware Florida Georgia
Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Mass. Michigan Minnesota Miss. Missouri
Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hamp. New Jersey
New Mexico New York N Carolina N. Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Penn Rhode Island S. Carolina
S. Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington W Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming



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