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Hydroseeding Watering

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Watering Schedule / Hydroseeding Watering Instructions

The first 14 days of watering is critical to proper germination of your new lawn. Review watering times daily to insure complete coverage of areas.
Adjust sprinklers or watering schedule as needed. Do not "over water" or water at night!

For newly hydroseeded lawns, you will want to water 2 to 4 times a day for about 30 days.

Golden rule - Ground wet all day (with out standing water for more than 1 hour)

am - 1 pm and 5 pm -8 pm are the most common times, though every lawn and every irrigation system is unique. When in doubt apply golden rule.

Due to differences in soil condition and Ph balances, it is not uncommon to have small patches that do not germinate. Many of these areas will fill in when you begin mowing on a weekly basis.
However, you must ensure that slow germinating areas are not caused by lack of water!

Adding co-polymer gel can greatly help reduce watering requirements. The co-polymer gel product used by Turf Blasters, Inc. will absorb up to 400 times it's weight in water and slowly release it, helping maintain soil moisture. This is very helpful in situations where watering resources are limited.


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