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Hydroseeding Products / Supplies

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What is hydro-mulch? Hydro-mulch makes up the bulk of the hydroseed mixture. Hydro-mulch can be made from a number of products. Most of the products used to manufacture hydroseeding mulch can be classified as organic, adding to the already staggering benefits of choosing hydroseeding for your new lawn.

Many forms of hydro-mulch exist today. One of the most common products used for residential lawns is a mixture of wood, cellulose fiber, and recycled paper. However, a 100% wood mulch mixture, is used most often by Turf Blasters, Inc. We find that this 100% wood mixture is best fit for most of our hydroseeding applications. Other products include compost, cotton & straw, among others.

The hydro-mulch is mixed with water in the hydroseeding machine / equipment, this gives the mixture a thick slurry like texture. The hydroseed mulch will act as a blanket to aid in the retention of moisture as our seeds sprout. It will also help shield our seed from heat and birds.


Hydroseeders are not limited to just seeding new lawns, and lawn repair. You can seed almost anything with a hydroseeder... wild flowers, pastures, steep hill sides, and even rouged terrain is not usually an issue.

Most of our projects however, are new lawn installations or lawn repairs. The seed mixture can be custom blended to suit your needs. For example, for a cool season northern turf, we commonly use a blend of Kentucky Blue Grass, Fescue, and Rye. The Kentucky Blue Grass would account for the bulk of the blend usually 60% - 75%. The fescue would account for another 20% - 40% and the Rey grass 10% - 20%. This blend helps maximize pest resistance and environmental adaptability for cool season grasses found in most northern lawns.

Organic Fertilizer / Growth Stimulants:

Many hydroseeding companies use traditional chemical fertilizers, and they will work. However, Turf Blasters, Inc. has chosen to offer an all natural organic mixture in our hydroseeding applications. The organic fertilizer is a mixture of kelp and fish, potent micro nutrient sources. We also can add liquid bonemeal to provide an immediate source of natural phosphorus, important to your new lawns root development, which is crucial in the long-term health of a lawn. What does this all mean for you?... A healthy natural lawn that you can be proud of. Natural lawns develop deep balanced root systems. This balanced growth helps the lawn resist disease, insects and drought better than high maintenance chemically treated lawns do.


Tackifers are used to aid in erosion control projects. They are also used in residential hydroseeding projects to aid in controlling run off from storms that may occur during the turfs establishment.

Co-Polymer Gel: (Optional)

Adding co-polymer gel can greatly help reduce watering requirements. The co-polymer gel product used by Turf Blasters, Inc. will absorb up to 400 times it's weight in water and slowly release it, helping maintain soil moisture.

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