"Kickin' Some Serious Grass!"

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Hydroseeding Tips for Success

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Tips for Hydroseed Success

Your success with hydroseeding, like any seeding, will depend greatly on your choice of a high quality grass seed. We strongly suggest asking to see lawns that have been seeded with the seed blend you are looking to purchase or have applied to your site.

How to Prepare a Site for Hydroseeding

An equally important factor is proper preparation. Sod, seed, and hydroseed... they all require proper soil preparation to ensure success. The preparation is nearly the same for each. Every seeding contractor has their own preferred methods of preparing the soil. We suggest using a
"Harley Power Box Rake" Grade, level, rake and remove debris. Pulverize and prepare seedbed, remove old lawns and weeds….all with one tool. We will typically apply a weed killer (similar to Round Up) about 10 days prior to seeding a new lawn. This ensures a good start to our defence against weeds. (Important: Check label for information, regarding how long you must wait before seeding. Each product varies.)

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